Datrics automates social media data collection and visualization to make data-driven decisions


In 2022, the number of people using social media (SM) platforms exceeded 4.5 billion users worldwide, equating to about 58% of the global population.

Today, SM is an affordable and effective way to connect with your target audience, increase brand awareness, engage with customers, and grow your business.

However, leveraging the benefits of SM is not so easy, especially when the number of platforms is growing, new types of content are emerging, and customer expectations continue to change. A marketing strategy implemented based on a hunch is at risk of losing relevance. Further, it raises the need for high-quality analytical tools capable of tracking and analyzing your performance across different SM channels so you can make accurate data-driven decisions.

SM data helps you to:

The Challenges:

A variety of analytical tools are ready and waiting to help you generate automatic reports and track the performance of your SM metrics. Even native SM tools have this kind of functionality. But what to do if you want more control over your data and leverage different tools to get the most out of it? How can you customize your analytics across multiple SM while only tracking the KPIs that are most relevant to your business?

The Solution:

Datrics has recreated and reorganized the process of automatically collecting data from social media. Our low-code data analytics platform allows you to collate all your SM data into a visualized report that illustrates a complete picture of all your SM channels (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Discord, Discourse, Reddit, and Telegram).

The platform’s capabilities include:

The Result:

The Datrics platform allows clients to quickly address these problems without involving a development team.

The process with Datrics consists of the following steps:

Add custom code bricks to your pipeline, set up the arguments, and run pipeline as usual
Add custom code bricks to your pipeline, set up the arguments, and run pipeline as usual
Add custom code bricks to your pipeline, set up the arguments, and run pipeline as usual

Datrics allows you to take advantage of the outcomes of your work and deploy a meticulously crafted process that follows the set ETL steps as per your stipulated schedule - at any given time, hourly or daily, or any other frequency - with zero need for manual intervention. This will not only help improve ROI but also bring greater transparency and facilitate tracking performance metrics and achieving goals.

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