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Getting insights from data is a time-consuming process

Myriad of manual spreadsheet routines

Reports and visualizations are done by separate teams

Barriers to accessing data on demand

Often it requires a deep understanding of data analytics

Finance, Sales, and Operations Leaders Should Deal with Data Freely...

Gain Business Insights Faster and Seize Growth Opportunities Effortlessly with Digital AI Analyst

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3 Simple Steps to AI-Driven Success In Your Business

Effortlessly add our AI co-pilot into your operations, unlocking the power of advanced analytics for better decisions.

Connect AI Digital Analyst to Your Business

Market your solution 2x faster | Datrics for Financial Services
Deploy ML-models in minutes | Datrics for Financial Services

Fine-Tune Your Custom AI Analyst

Our expert team will help you tailor the AI assistant to your specific needs, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your business goals and objectives.

Be sure that it's 100% privacy compliant| Datrics for Financial Services

Get Business Growth Insights

Access invaluable business growth insights from identifying new opportunities to optimize existing strategies, and making informed business decisions.

No Wasted Time and Missed Business Opportunities With Our Digital AI-Powered Analyst

Instant Insights

Asking questions using plain language and getting answers on the fly. No more waiting for days or weeks. Moreover, the recommendations and insights you didn’t know you need to ask for!

Empowered Decision-Making

Finance and sales managers can concentrate on strategic business decisions, leveraging the power of AI to bridge the gap between technology and business.

Automate Your Data Routine

Streamline your reporting process by transforming time-consuming manual tasks into an automated AI-powered reporting system.

Automate and deploy ETL and ML routines in a few clicks without Data Engineers or DevOps.

Seamless Integration

Datrics AI digital analyst fits right into your existing toolset - connecting to your databases and files, available in MS Teams or Slack.

Totally Secure

We know the cost of the data and privacy, that’s why the company’s data never leaves the premises.

Integrates the Business Logic

A digital analyst does not only know the data but also understands exactly what your business numbers mean and how they're calculated.

Powered by a Low-Code Platform

At the heart of Datrics is a robust, low-code data intelligence platform, making sophisticated data analysis and workflows accessible to all. This platform empowers you to automate and customize data workflows without extensive technical expertise, that provides the right data snapshots for AI Analyst.

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