Do more experiments with your data, faster, without coding

A no-code platform for analytics and data science
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What you get

50% faster time to market
for a report, use case or model deployment
3 times more models
created by business analysts, domain experts and citizen data scientists
70% time economy
via automation compared
to manual spreadsheet work

We empower Data Analysts to do what the team of Data Engineer + Data Scientist + DevOps is required for

Easily plug in different data sources to your analytics pipeline.

Simplify and automate the process of data preparation and understanding by making it repeatable and highly visual.

Use the power of no-code machine learning to get instant predictions.

Visualize and evaluate results using dashboards or deploy the successful ML models to production in a single click.

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“Datrics provides a highly customizable platform that makes ETL, training, and deployment of ML models a breeze"

Ed Chin

CEO OctiFi

Without Datrics:

10 weeks

time to market

With Datrics:

1-3 weeks

time to market

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Explore how easy the process is with Datrics

Connect to data sources

We are not afraid of siloed data.
Connect to as many data points as you need.

Prepare your data easily

We know how complicated it could be to gather data from different sources, match it, and blend. That's why we created an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface where you can build a data pipeline to prepare the data. Of course, it could be re-used in future experiments.

Explore your data

Dive deeper into your data with advanced exploratory data analysis functionality or get prepared to do some machine learning by doing feature selection and engineering.

Get predictions in minutes

ML is complicated, but not with us. Use AutoML models that require no setup to get instant predictions for your data science tasks...

... or use the full power of ML with advanced settings or adding your own custom models.

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Visualize or use in production

Create on-demand or scheduled dashboards.
Share with your team, collaborate.

Integration of data science and engineering has never been so easy! When you created a predictive model and it's good enough, prepare it for production usage in a couple of clicks with the easiest deployment you've ever seen.

What if I like the idea but my team lacks the right people to do analytics or data science?

It's not a problem as Datrics provides on-demand professional services, just give us a shout.

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