Automatic Foundational Analytics for a leading Game Developer


Client is a  Mobile apps developer with 20+ apps for kids. The apps are used in many countries and are available on multiple platforms. 

The key ask was to evaluate the performance of the various apps based on region, subscription type, and platform to monitor the ecosystem's vitality and drive informed decisions. 

Previously, data collection from the app store & play market was a manual process, requiring two days per month for a single individual and offering only limited insights. This monthly data collection method hindered the company from maintaining real-time information throughout the organization.

Challenges in data collection included:

  • Over 20 different applications acting as sources of data.
  • The necessity for multiple data splits.
  • An official API safeguarded by a captcha and export limitations.
  • Data sourced from various origins, demanding an optimized data view.
  • The absence of a robust analytical infrastructure within the company.

Expected Project Outcome 

  1. Automate the data export for mobile apps.
  2. Easy view to extract insights. 
  3. Daily KPIs tracking.
  4. Automation of Reporting & Dashboards 

Datrics approach to Solving the Problem:

To address  the intricate challenges of data collection and analysis, Datrics adopted a robust systematic approach. Our strategy was not just about gathering data, but ensuring its relevance, accuracy, and ease of interpretation. Here's a detailed breakdown of the steps we took:

  1. Leveraged the platform to establish a robust analytical framework.
  2. Integrated both official and internal APIs, along with scrapers, for comprehensive data acquisition.
  3. Designed and automated data pipelines for efficient cleaning and preparation, tailored for analytics.
  4. Computed key metrics, established foundational analytics, and archived historical data in the database.
  5. Crafted specialized dashboards for analytics and product managers, with views specifically curated for business owners to derive insights effortlessly.

The Project Outcomes:

Datrics created a complete analytics solution for the client, from data gathering to visual display and routine reports, resulting in:

  1. Saving over 20 hours a month for analysts.
  2. A quick 4-week turnaround from initiation to launch.
  3. A dashboard customized to the client's needs.
  4. Data updates increased from once a month to daily.
  5. Access to more data for better decision-making and monitoring business health.
  6. No extra costs for analytical tools or infrastructure.

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