August 24, 2023

Elevate Your Data Collaboration with Notes and Optimizing Pipeline Runs

Exciting advancements are on the horizon as we unveil new features designed to elevate your experience with Datics! Discover the transformative power of enriched pipeline annotations, condition-based pipeline execution, and precise data processing, elevating your team collaboration, efficiency, and customization in your data analysis journey.

Annotate Your Pipeline Like Never Before!

We're thrilled to announce a new feature that will transform the way you interact with your data pipeline: Notes! This isn't just about leaving comments; it's about enhancing collaboration, clarity, and consistency across your data analysis journey.

Why Notes?

Imagine being able to pin down your thought process, the logic behind every step, or even potential ideas for future iterations, directly onto your pipeline. Sharing your pipeline with a colleague? They'll instantly understand your flow without endless back-and-forth clarifications. Working on a complex production pipeline? Notes will be your beacon, making maintenance a breeze!

Creating new note on the pipeline for the brick and group

Rich Content, Enhanced Comprehension

Notes aren't just bland text comments. You can now craft comprehensive documentation with text formatting, engaging images, and even intricate formulas. Thanks to the integrated markup language, you're no longer confined to plain text.

Edit notes in Full screen mode with the preview of the markup format

How to Get Started with Notes

  1. Creating a Note: Simply select a brick or group within your pipeline and choose the 'create note action'. Whether you're in the zone with compact mode or want an in-depth look with full-screen mode, editing is effortless.
  2. Navigating Your Notes: Your notes aren't just floating in space, each one is cataloged in the list of notes, capturing every remark, insight, or query you've made across all pipeline levels. Click on a note from the list and you're instantly navigated to its location on your pipeline.
  3. Visual Cues: For a quick glance, notes elegantly display as icons on the scene, attached  to bricks or groups. So, you always know there's a backstory to a particular brick or group.
List of notes on the pipelines

With Notes, we believe in not just enhancing your data pipeline but also enriching your collaborative experience. Dive in, annotate, and let your pipelines tell a more compelling story. Enjoy the upgrade, and as always, we're eager to hear your feedback!

Smart Pipeline Execution with Condition Bricks!

We're excited to roll out a feature that's all about intelligence and optimization. Meet the Condition Brick - a dynamic way to run specific parts of your pipeline based on, you guessed it, conditions!

Why Condition Bricks?

In the ever-evolving world of data analysis, not everything fits a 'one-size-fits-all' mold. Let’s say you're evaluating credit risks. For younger customers, you might have a completely different risk calculation model than for older ones. Or, consider a situation where you need additional data for users not yet in your database. Running the entire pipeline for these diverse scenarios? Inefficient! That’s where Condition Bricks come into play, ensuring only the relevant branch of your pipeline gets computed, saving both time and computational power.

Condition brick in the pipeline

Mastering the Magic of Condition Bricks

Setting It Up: Begin by adding the Condition Brick to your scene and connecting it to your data input. Simple!

Two Flavors of Conditions:

  • Boolean Value Condition:Segment your data based on a true or false outcome. For instance, if you have a condition based on age, the data will bifurcate accordingly. If no data fits the bill? That branch simply won't run.
  • Empty Dataset Condition: Sometimes, the absence of data speaks volumes. For those times when you're extracting information and come up empty-handed, Condition Bricks lets you decide the next steps.

Dive into this smart feature with Datrics and experience firsthand how no-code solutions are upping game for analysts! Hungry for more insights or have questions? Reach out - we're always here to chat!

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