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March 8, 2023

Datrics automates social media data collection and visualization to make data-driven decisions

How can you customize your analytics across multiple SM while only tracking the KPIs that are most relevant to your business?

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Zedosh's Attention Exchange® Engine Powered By Datriсs For Purpose-Driven Advertising

Zedosh and Datrics are changing the landscape of online advertising to get ready for a post-cookie internet, with their targeted ad algorithm

How to reduce stockouts by more than 80%: the new case for Profit Whales

The Profit Whales` marketing agency works with a sophisticated ML-powered framework that predicts the supply and demand for Amazon's fastest-growing brands

Artificial Intelligence Use Cases
in E-Commerce

Artificial intelligence is an integral component of e-commerce operations today. Read on to see how your e-commerce business can advance from AI solutions.

5 Reasons Retailers Should Implement AI in their Business

We outline in this article a detailed overview of how AI is changing the retail industry and the reasons why you should employ it in your business processes.

Machine learning for fraud detection

Machine learning is an innovative approach to improving fraud detection in medical, financial, and commercial spheres. Here we cover essentials of ML-assisted fraud detection.

Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance: Challenges, Benefits,
& Solutions

Data science for predictive maintenance

Product recommendations engine
for E-commerce

How can recommendations boost sales and marketing?

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