February 12, 2021

More comfortable, collaborative, and efficient platform for our users

Datrics team was working hard and we are happy to share some of the latest updates:

1. Partial Run - more efficient and fast pipeline development as only updated and new bricks will be run

2. Better user-management and collaboration tools - now you can collaborate on the pipelines and project within your team

3. Updated credit scoring template

4. Improved charts

5. Bivariate correlation brick

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Datrics Updates: Big Data support and other features

Big Data support and other features

This time we made great improvements to the platform features and functionality such as Big Data support, Binning, MSSQL Connector etc.
Datrics Updates: Big Data support and other features

Datrics Joins Y Combinator Winter 2021 Batch

Today we're excited to announce that Datrics participates in Y Combinator winter batch 2021, which is remote this year.Y Combinator (YC) is an American most famous startup accelerator.
Datrics Updates: New onboarding, new bricks, performance improvements

New onboarding, new bricks, performance improvements.

We've made great speed improvements and now your pipelines will run 5x faster, we've also made a lot of improvements to the user interface so that it becomes easier to create pipelines. For advanced users, we've implemented several new bricks: dimensionality reduction, binning without a target, and new encoding.
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