as a strategic partner

Datrics announces that NEAR Foundation joined it as a strategic partner with an investment earlier last month. Datrics has been closely working with the NEAR ecosystem for the last 12 months by doing advanced on-chain and off-chain analytics, building dashboards, and providing actionable insights into the ecosystem’s health. In August, NEAR Foundation stepped in with a strategic investment to jointly ensure data-driven ecosystem growth backed by Datrics technology. Together we aim to accelerate growth and expand analytical solutions in Web3 and NEAR ecosystem particularly.

“Based on our experience together, we can clearly state that it was the right decision to choose Datrics as one of our data analytics partners. We received great insights that helped NEAR enhance its business vision. Unquestionably, the whole industry will benefit from the new level of our collaboration. And we are excited to see the results.“, — says David Weinstein, Chief of Staff at the NEAR Foundation.

Datrics has been providing advanced analytics and ML solutions for crypto companies since its inception. We are proud to be an ecosystem analytics partner and continue to serve the community, dapps, and founders building on NEAR with various dashboards, insights,  and much more, including NEAR Foundation, partnering with Decentral Bank for analytics and simulations, and providing developer analytics for Pagoda. Datrics efficiently solves multiple use cases in Web2 world and actively develops new use cases for Web3 companies. 

One of the projects expanded and transformed into the Wombi project. This strategic investment is aimed to deepen the R&D activities and deliver more dashboards, insights, and use cases across the ecosystem; it will help with the momentum and assist in building new advanced solutions for both on-chain and off-chain analytics. We strive to build more insights and solutions and help the ecosystem move forward faster. 

We would be happy to discuss your analytical needs. Reach out to us, or find us on NEARCON this September.

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