Zedosh's Attention Exchange® Engine Powered By Datriсs For Purpose-Driven Advertising

Zedosh and Datrics are changing the landscape of online advertising to get ready for a post-cookie internet, with their targeted ad algorithm that considers the historical and real-time buying patterns of individuals. Let's find out more about Zedosh's Attention® Engine.

The Challenge:

Millions of consumers shop online for everything from groceries to cleaning supplies, making online advertising the most competitive space for businesses. Many people still think that Facebook or Google ads are the silver bullet to their sales and digital marketing. But despite their size and dominance, iOS’ new privacy updates, and the upcoming replacement of 3rd party cookies, there is a huge opportunity to look outside of online behavior to find the right consumer at the right time. 

With consumers now able to opt-out of being tracked on iOS and the increasing awareness of their privacy, the effectiveness of Google and Facebook ads is decreasing. The cost is going up and the ability to attribute spending is going down.  As the ad is even less relevant to the people seeing it, the market is ready for a significant overhaul to finally rid itself of the many challenges it faces.

Add custom code bricks to your pipeline, set up the arguments, and run pipeline as usual

Zedosh's goal is to flip the ecosystem upside down. By placing the consumer at the forefront of the ad value chain, they are incentivized to share their most valuable attributes as consumers: their income and their spending habits. By enabling consumers to monetize their valuable attention to hyper-relevant ads, consumers can take back control of their online exposure to advertisers. . Although the engine is young, Zedosh has already managed to make a big difference.

The Solution:

Datrics helped build and deploy data analysis algorithms to analyze customer purchasing behavior and their transactional history to optimize ads and target users with a high-interest probability in specific products or services at specific times.

Zedosh is unique because it pays consumers into their connected bank account for their undivided attention to video ads. This allows brands to share their message, share their values, and engage consumers while lowering costs per click and driving sales. A £500 campaign for Elliott Footwear £500 delivered results equivalent to spending £13,185 on Facebook ads.

Add custom code bricks to your pipeline, set up the arguments, and run pipeline as usual

The Result:

Based on the Zedosh’s requirements, Datrics helped to establish a powerful Attention Exchange Engine for online ads. Datrics delivered a user-friendly and out-of-the-box data analytics platform that was fully deployed in the cloud.

With built-in analytics and reporting, Zedosh can perform complex data analysis to address a wide range of business needs. What’s more, Zedosh’s data analysts can customize their reports or change them without the need to write a new piece of code or wait for engineers to make the necessary changes. 

In contrast, "conventional" data analytics tools typically require an average of 2-3 business days to fix a bug that could severely damage a company’s reputation. Datrics needs less than 20 minutes to get the system up and running. Since everything is running in the cloud, users don't need to re-install the app or download any updates. 

Our cooperation with Zedosh has grown from occasional consulting and development services into a full-scale partnership. As for Zedosh, the company reports that with purpose-driven ad campaigns powered by Datrics' algorithms, their clients can save on advertising while significantly boosting their engagement and building a loyal community. 

"Datrics has allowed us to gain very powerful insights about out audience’s behaviour as consumers. Using their platform, we were able to quickly turn those insights into hyper-target audience for our advertisers, placing the right as in front of the right consumer at the right time."

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