Roll out AI across their organisation fast enough allows business units to quickly, collaboratively, and visually discover hidden patterns in their data without coding or prior algorithms knowledge.

Reduce your costs
Optimize your Machine Learning spendings and increase your analytical team capacity. Usually, less than 10% of ML projects go-live. Let's do 100% with Datrics.

Increase your revenue
Solve particular business problems efficiently with our template use cases, and increase inventory turnover by 35%.

Ensure your data security
Get started with access layers, sharing data sources, static snapshots, and pipeline/project settings.

Deal with your data
Different default data sources and DBs integration, custom integrations with internal enterprise platforms.


Drag-n-drop interface
Create powerful ML solutions with no coding or prior algorithms knowledge. You just need the data and Datrics platform to make it work.

Step-by-step guides
Train your own models using our built-in algorithms and validation frameworks. Share or deploy APIs in a few clicks - no DevOps help needed.

Process automation
Automate pre-processing and missing value treatment with intelligent Datrics kit, and many more.


Speed up the processing up to 5 times
Do you spend 80% of the time on data processing? Leave it to Datrics GUI-bases intelligent processing toolkit, which works in semi-automated mode. Become more efficient, bring it to production in minutes!

Your favourite coding frameworks and custom models
Upload and embed them in Datrics smoothly. Share and deploy processing pipelines, schedule batch runs, and monitor performance in production. Run A/B testing and version the models.

MLOps automation with Datrics
Leverage APIs out of the box, DB scoring, and CLI to create your own bricks.

Platform needed, we have our own analytics/ML team | with customization

Platform solving particular business case needed | without customization

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